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Equine Assisted Therapy

Horses can help you find solutions without telling you what to do.  Horses don't accept "talk" which encourages clients to learn from their experience.

No horseback riding, just interactions to help clients learn skills to manage their behaviors and moods.

Our Treatment Focus

We offer services to individuals, families, couples and youth.  We believe that individuals have the solution to their problems and need assistance finding the solution.  We provide the assistance either in the office or in the arena.

In office or in the arena

You can chose to have your session in the office or in the arena.  Either way the focus is brief treatment that assists you in learning and healing.

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Autism and Asperger's

Equine Assisted Therapy is a treatment method that can work with learning social skills, learning how to manage moods and increase self confidence.

Behavioral Problems

Tired of repeating yourself, of yelling and taking away electronics?  Tired of dealing with poor grades, noncompliance and anger outbursts? We can help you and your child.

Family Problems

Is your home chaotic? Are some family members angry and causing stress in your family?  Let us help you find solutions for your family.


Daily stressors or difficult life events can put a strain on your relationship.  Are you feeling hurt in your relationship? Or is it ho-hum? If you have tried communicating and it didn't work or if you are worried about trying to communicate with others (partners, children, etc.), therapy may be an option to help you communicate to improve your relationship.

Anxiety and Depression

Mood disorders can be difficult to cope with and you may need some help learning how to manage your moods.  Let us help you find the best coping skills for you.


Is Equine Assisted Therapy covered by my insurance?  

  • Yes, Equine Assisted Therapy is a model of treatment.

What insurances do you accept?  

  • We accept most insurances.  Check with your insurance to find out if Kimberly Molnar, MFT is covered.

How do I know which type of treatment is best for me?

  • You will complete an intake session in the office and we will find out which treatment will work best for you.

Do I have to attend only the office or only the arena? 

  • No, you can schedule appointments for both or either the office or the arena.

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